About me

I love sharing stories with the world.

Crosby Studios is a creative production company founded by me, Connor Crosby, in 2008. My number one goal is to produce the best quality films and videos. With each piece of work, my skills grow and I continually strive to be better.

I first took an interest in filmmaking after repeatedly watching inspiring movies such as Star Wars and Toy Story growing up. I also remember watching the behind the scenes of movies and taking mental notes of what to do.

Since the age of nine (when I received my first camera), I have created several videos and films – starting with silly Star Wars spoofs and quickly maturing to award-winning documentaries.

Filmmaking is such an amazing way to tell stories. I can create my own world, characters, and conflict and share that with the world through a visual medium.

My current goals are to continue my education, finish film school, pursue a carrier in Hollywood, and become a storyteller. You can follow my journey via the Crosby Studios blog and by following @Crosby_Studios on Twitter, liking my page on Facebook, and subscribing to the RSS feed.