An inside look at “Do What You Love”

Today Crosby Studios has released a new short documentary titled Do What You Love. It features an interview with Spencer Wehry, a man with a passion for makeup. Spencer talks about what first got him interested in makeup, what it means to him, and explains why people should learn to accept men wearing makeup.

The documentary is about four minutes in length and was primarily shot with a Canon C100 that I recently purchased.

Used my #C100 today to interview @wehryspencer about makeup.

A photo posted by Connor Crosby (@connorcrosby) on

The C100 is the first professional video camera that I’ve owned – perviously owning prosumer camcorders and DSLRs. Even though the sensor is smaller than the one on my Canon 6D, it still produces a sharper, more appealing video image. I love the detail it produces while retaining a silky smooth look.

The wide shot was shot with the 6D and the closeup with the C100. All b-roll shots were with the C100 as well. Lenses include a 50mm prime, 24-105mm, and a 70-200mm.

If you have a few minutes, I’d love for you to check out my short documentary Do What You Love. Leave your thoughts in the comments below. Thanks!

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